Under Cabinet Lighting in Kitchen

Kenosha Granite Countertop Installers Create Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchen remodelers at All Stone highlighted these cherry finished cabinets with charming under the cabinet lighting, casting soft light on a contrasting backsplash and granite countertop. Under the cabinet lighting gives your kitchen a cooling, relaxing tone, and provides the practical benefit of more easily seeing cooking ingredients and utensils. 

Kitchen Designers Care about Your Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are tough as nails. They feature long-lasting heat and scratch resistance. If sealed properly, they will even resist stains. However, when exposed to enough wear and tear, granite will need occasional care. All Stone understands you didn't make a major investment in your kitchen redesign only to frown at a scratched or damaged countertop. Consult our guide to countertop care for more helpful information on maintaining your granite countertop.

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Under cabinet lighting shining on granite countertop
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