Stone Countertop Showroom in Kenosha

Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Design Showroom: Get Inspired!

Custom granite countertop designCome visit the All Stone showroom in Kenosha to get a firsthand look at our wide variety of countertops. We stock many popular colors of granite, quartz, marble and quartzite. Get inspired and find the right color stone for your home.

Stop by our Kenosha showroom to consult with our installers for more ideas on how to personalize your kitchen design. Choose your counter’s thickness, color pattern and length of overhang of your cabinets and we’ll custom fabricate a stone slab to fit your specifications.

Granite, quartz, marble and quartzite each have unique qualities that demand their own method of cleaning and care. Our experienced professionals can instruct you how to maintain your stone countertop.

To accurately visualize your new kitchen from All Stone, bring a cabinet door to compare against our counter colors. Bring an extra floor tile, piece of backsplash or sample of your wall color to greatly aid the selection process.

Remember, a countertop displayed in our showroom may look slightly different in your home, but don’t worry. We can also bring stone samples to your home to zero in on the perfect color at no additional charge.

Stop in at our showroom, meet our team and gather more ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Contact the custom stone countertop remodelers at All Stone to schedule a free consultation.

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