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Countertop Materials

Custom Countertop Material Choices Include Granite, Quartz, Marble and Quartzite

Remodeling with stone is a great way to add beauty, functionality and durability to any part of your home. Kitchens and bathrooms in particular are rejuvenated with gorgeous countertops made of unique materials. It can be overwhelming for homeowners to choose with so many stone options.

At All Stone, we offer the best in natural

  • Granite: Strong, durable and lovely, there’s a reason granite is commonly found adorning buildings and monuments worldwide.
  • Quartz: The only engineered stone we offer, quartz is easily customizable and manufactured in colors not possible with other stones.
  • Marble: The classic countertop material, marble has been used since ancient times to provide breathtaking beauty and rugged functionality.
  • Quartzite: Not to be confused with manufactured quartz, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone with unique sparkle patterns.
All four of our stone materials can be custom fabricated to fit your space. There are several edge profiles available, all cut at a standard price, including:
  • Square
  • Eased
  • Half-bullnose
  • Demi-bullnose
  • Ogee profiles (available for a nominal fee)

Best of all, when you work with All Stone, we will help you pick out the right stone for your needs, even coming to your home with samples to make sure you get exactly the right slab for your project.

Contact All Stone for an estimate on a manufactured or natural stone countertop.

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